Havoc | Supertrack
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Mobile and In-Office Asset Tracking, Management & Inspection Cloud System

Previous methods of asset, location and safety management were labor intensive, time consuming and partially accurate, at best. Now, there is a better way – Supertrack keeps track for you, automatically. Supertrack organizes details into a usable format that is available anytime from any device. Use it to streamline tasks, improve accountability, eliminate paperwork and rescue precious hours, even days, previously devoted to mundane tasks.

Supertrack provides real-time, collaborative management, tracking and inspection of assets, tools, equipment, job sites and worker training and certifications. Get 100% control over your company’s assets, worker training, job site audits, asset inspections and maintenance with Supertrack. Know everything about your company’s assets, inspections and safety compliance at the touch of button – 100% paperless and zero double entry of data.

Supertrack is cloud-based and accessible 24/7/365 from your computer and/or mobile device. Access your private Supertrack account through our secure online portal or via our Android and iOS mobile apps.

Supertrack is compatible with all tagging technologies: Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), QR codes, barcodes or no tags at all. Choose the tagging technology that is best for your company and equipment.

  • Conduct and Manage Inspections on Assets and Locations
  • Track Assets by Location, Personnel, and/or Asset Groups
  • Track and Manage Personnel Training and Certifications
  • Recall the Complete History of all Asset and Location Inspections
  • Know the Last Scanned GPS Location of any Asset