We’re a rare breed: Unlike other electronics & tech manufacturers, HAVOC is a maker and developer of both the  hardware and the software that go into and support our products. Havoc offers several levels of distributor options – all customizable, and all backed by Havoc’s dealer support.
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Marine & Transportation

Utilities & Facilities

Sport & Outdoors

Hospitality & Entertainment

Manufacturing & Distribution

Construction & Heavy Industry

Safety & Security

Forestry & Civil Service

Churches & Municipal

  • RECURRING COMMISSIONS: SUPERTRACK software subscriptions
  • HIGH PROFIT CONSUMABLES: RFID tags & other accessories
  • HIGH PROFIT ELECTRONICS: 2-way radios, headphones, headsets, cameras, RFID readers
  • CROSS-MERCHANDISE: industrial safety, communication, sports markets

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Grow Your Retail Business with Havoc

• Serve unmet demand for RFID technologies and RFID-ready products
• Save customers time and money through Havoc’s economical, full service industrial products.
• Make more with Havoc’s low buy-in, better margin incentives
• Offer customers valuable warranty upgrades and support programs
• FREE sales training and support


Optimize Your Operations with SUPERTRACK

• SUPERTRACK lets you automate product and shipment tracking
• SUPERTRACK heightens accuracy for more accountability and less shrink
• Fully customize asset tracking modules easily with SUPERTRACK
• SUPERTRACK significantly reduces labor costs and increases efficiency
• Implementing SUPERTRACK optimizes workflow by 20% or more